Zuma Game

Zuma Game

Among the majority casual games, one of the most popular is Zuma. Not looking that game has appeared still 10 years ago, popular it became little bit later. For the first time game which became a prototype of Zuma, has been let out in 1998, then company PopCap has made the same version, thus naming its clone.



Zuma Deluxe became one of the most popular games which were ever created. After it a number of brainteasers which precisely repeat game has been let out, but differ by style and graphic registration.

We offer you to download Zuma, and to install game on the computer. It is simple and fascinating game which will leave nobody indifferent. You operate a frog, which shoots colour spheres. The game essence consists in that by means of these spheres, to break a chain which moves towards a precipice. Three and more spheres of one colour, standing disappear successively, thus accumulating you points. Having typed 50 000, you receive an additional life that will allow to hold on longer in game.

From level to level appearance of stage varies, speed of movement of a chain increases, bonus spheres which disappear after a while are added. Besides it, in Zuma you will have a possibility to take advantage of bonuses. At passage of certain levels, in game ranks are given to players, and additional possibilities are added. Having played it fascinating game of times, you remain its admirer for long time.

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Zuma Tips & Tricks

Surround chains. Two, three and more spheres of one colour try to surround with identical spheres of other colour. Then at explosion the chains surrounding spheres slapped and will blow up too (if there will be more than 3 balls). It will give additional points and bonuses.

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