Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe

Many consider, that Zuma Deluxe is a new game though its first version has arisen approximately 10 years ago. On a platform of games hookups PlayStation, there was a game which was called PuzzLoop and looked approximately also. It was necessary to break chains by means of spheres. Since then game has changed nothing. By rules and drawing game remained former, but there was a number of modern versions for which Zuma became a prototype. It is Luxor, Atlantis, Tumble Bugs, Dynasty, Loco and other widespread enough games. The basic difference is game`s interface.

Zuma Deluxe


Not looking at simple rules, Zuma is impossible to name elementary game. Here it is important not only attention, but also fast reaction of the player. Classical variant Zuma Deluxe represents field with a labyrinth on which to a precipice colour spheres move. In the middle of field settles down frog which shoots colour spheres. Your purpose is using shots to break groups of one-colour spheres, or to add corresponding abreast. Depending on your successes, points are added and level and speed of spheres varies. If you want to know what colour of sphere will following, pay attention to a frog. One-colour spheres in quantity of 3 pieces leave, and remained continue to move to breakage, approaching the game termination.

As well as any other variant of this game, it is possible to download Zuma Deluxe and install on the computer. The colourful drawing, simplicity in management and additional possibilities of options will force you to spend behind game not one hour of a free time.

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Zuma Tips & Tricks

If there is no place to shoot, try to "dump" spheres - to shoot at air that they have not got to a chain. It especially well is possible in the end of level when the chain any more does not occupy all screen. What for to dump spheres? To find approaching of colour.

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