Download Zuma

Download Zuma

For today, Zuma - one of the most demanded games which does not represent work to download and install. For this purpose only it is necessary to choose the version interesting you and to load file. Classical variant of Zuma Deluxe is accessible in different variants, and extends as shareware. For acquaintance with game will enough get a demo which has some restrictions, but precisely displays a game essence. Even after the termination of the test period all of you still can continue to play free of charge as long as you want - software will periodically show short preview trailers in breaks between levels.

Download Zuma


Rules of Zuma game are very simple. You will have game field on which the labyrinth is located, with moving colour spheres. In the centre there is a frog from whom during game shots are made. You simply group in colour of three spheres, and they disappear, and additional points are added to your stats.

As well as any computer game, Zuma Deluxe has the cunnings and features. If you have enough time, and spheres don't move in direct towards a failure yet - do not use shots for destruction, and add spheres to single, thereby, creating groups of colour elements. Thus, you will have a stock which is useful in case of the prompt termination of game. And in case you have no place to make a shot, and you would not like to heat up unnecessary single elements - try to dump a course, having let out sphere in empty space at game field.

Besides it, in game there is number of bonuses which are charged to the player in case of game in certain conditions. It can be both passage of various modes and competitions, and stage end at minimum short term.

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Zuma Tips & Tricks

If there is no place to shoot, try to "dump" spheres - to shoot at air that they have not got to a chain. It especially well is possible in the end of level when the chain any more does not occupy all screen. What for to dump spheres? To find approaching of colour.

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